Value-creating business partner – Leader in IT

Succeeding together

Succeeding together

IT functionality that creates value

Succeeding together

Accelerated growth for Sweden’s businesses



Effective insights guide you to the right decision.



Extremely reliable services. Tailored to your needs.



A wide range of consultancy services to meet your requirements.



We make sure that everything works and is compatible with your own particular environment.

“Having a partner at your side that rises to the challenge and is proactive gives you confidence”

Our business concept

With an in-depth understanding of the customer’s business, we combine high-quality, business-enabling advice with customised IT solutions that accelerate the growth of Sweden’s businesses.

  • Succeeding together

    As a value-creating business partner and a leader in IT, IXX constantly monitors and predicts changes, both in our customers' businesses and in the world around us.

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  • Support

    Shortcut to our support page if you encounter a problem and need professional assistance, or if you are simply looking for good advice.

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  • IXX in the community

    We want to help give Sweden's young people the opportunities they deserve. With this in mind, we work with both sports clubs and secondary schools, universities and vocational training institutions.

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  • Contact

    Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be contacted by most modern means, so it's whatever's best for you. Use technology or drop into one of our offices for a face-to-face meeting.

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  • Web shop

    As a customer of IXX, you can order products in our web shop quickly, simply and securely.

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  • About IXX

    We are a partner that delivers new business opportunities and accelerates growth for our customers through business-enabling advice and leading IT solutions.

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IXX Careers

We want to take people with us on our journey who have a passion for making a difference for our customers