A family business with down-to-earth values but big ambitions

Today, IXX is a technology and knowledge company that, with the help of IT, boosts growth for Swedish businesses. But when we were founded in 1985, the idea was a bit simpler: to make things simpler for businesses by computerising their accounts. The idea came from our founder, Monika Christensson.

Both feet on the ground. Literally.

The world changed forever after the PC revolution in the 80s. Monika, who had worked in manual accounting and bookkeeping for many years, was  able to computerise her work in finance for the first time. Back on her farm in Östra Ljungby in 1985 she started offering IT and finance consulting services. The business was born.

It was watching her parents work hard as agriculturalists that Monika learned about responsibility, cooperation and entrepreneurship. Small-scale home farming was important when her three sons – Mattias, Fredrik and Olof were growing up. Her boys learned the same value during their upbringing that she had once learned, first through agriculture and then through the company that was in its early stages of growth.

First steps towards becoming a full service partner

It wasn’t long before customers purchasing consulting services also started demanding hardware. In order to meet developing needs, the business developed a more comprehensive service.

The next milestone came in 1991, when we moved the business to Helsingborgsvägen in Ängelholm. That same year, we were given the task of computerising the Church of Sweden in Kristianstad County. It was a big task, but also a breakthrough for us. Just two years after the move and with a new lease of life, we decided to  acquire both the property in Ängelholm and the company that supplied the hardware. As well as computer company IXX Computer Systems, we acquired an entire staff, which meant that we gained access to completely new skills. PC-builders and Monika’s sons – one by one – also began joining the growing movement.

Generational change

After a generational shift in 2014, the family business is now run by the Christensson sons and a growing team of passionate specialists. IXX has grown organically since its inception, and today we are value-added business partners and leaders in IT.

We at IXX intend to continue growing as a family-owned company, focusing on business development and IT that creates value.

It might sound like a lofty ambition, but we believe that by developing solutions that help every customer boost their growth, we can create a better society, a better Sweden – even a better world.

Our motto is: together for success.

A warm welcome to IXX,
Mattias and Olof Christensson