A tailored IT solution with Microsoft 365 and guaranteed availability for team members paved the way for increased productivity and profitability

Additude is a leading IT and technology consulting firm that specialises in innovation, product development and the internet of things. IXX used a flexible partnership model and creative technical thinking to deliver a tailored IT solution that allows members of the Additude team to work more efficiently, flexibly and profitably than ever.

IT-related wasted time – a threat to profitability

There are more engineers in Additude’s team than in any other company in the technology sector. And not only do each of those engineers have their own unique skillset, they also have individual ways of working, preferences and needs. This means that everything in Additude’s online workspace from settings to software has to be adapted to each engineer’s unique needs and wants, and that each member of the team must be free to choose the visual of his or her workspace.. In addition to all that, consultants are spread out among different clients, who each have their own IT environments.

Something going wrong in this kind of set-up would be very costly for any company, but especially for a consulting firm – where time is literally money. Additude’s IT solution needed to be focused first and foremost on eliminating team members’ IT-related wasted time. IXX developed a solution that both solves the problem and guarantees around-the-clock availability and accessibility to individual users. It also caters to team members’ personal needs and preferences.

Feedback on our work

“Our partnership with IXX works really well. We now have better control over what information we have, where it’s stored and who has access to it.” – Jonas Sjödahl, Business & IT Manager.

Delivering a comprehensive IT solution – at a fixed price

Behind every creative and tailor-made IT solution there is an essential IT architecture. We’re talking about the bare necessities that any modern, well-functioning company needs. Team members must be able to send emails, communicate internally and externally, book meetings, create documents, plan projects and save and share files. IXX delivered a complete IT architecture that includes everything from networking and server functions to productivity and client management tools. IT architecture this complex is not a pretty sight, so we’re especially proud that we were able to deliver everything to Additude at a fixed price, with everything included on one invoice – and no surprises.

Smooth and proactive cooperation that adds value

We knew early on that simplicity would be key to our customers. Luckily, at IXX, we take a flexible approach, and enjoy exploring creative ways of doing business.

We complement our IT solutions with yearly strategy workshops and tactical planning sessions. Our agreement with Additude has made IXX – value-added business partners and IT leaders a strategic resource for that company. We’re always giving constructive advice and offering ideas for improvement – doing anything we can to boost growth for Additude.

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