Språkservice chose IXX to deliver a stable IT environment and a robust, 100% business-focused IT/IS strategy.

IXX is proud that Språkservice chose us to develop their business-critical IT and IS (information systems) as both the creators of the company’s IT environment and, crucially, advisors on both IT and business strategy.

More specifically, Språkservice asked us to create a future-proof IT/IS model by delivering IT/IS functionality that both supports the business’s processes and allows for the proactive creation of new business opportunities.

We did this by ensuring there was a clear link between Språkservice’s overall vision and their business and IT strategies, using our industry-leading IT/IS skills to tailor applications and infrastructure to the company’s needs.

Feedback on our work

“IXX stood out from the crowd because they truly understood our business and tailored a solution to meet our needs.”

Språkservice Sverige AB is the largest interpreting and translation company in the Nordic region. It is a family-owned business that delivers custom language services to businesses and governments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The business was established in 1995 by founders who are themselves professional interpreters and translators, and has played an active role in helping the industry modernise and professionalise since day one. Around 120 people work in the company’s head office in central Malmö, and the company also has an office in Stockholm, as well as around 6,000 interpreters and translators, who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide services in 200 different languages. In other words, Språkservice covers all the language needs of Swedish and foreign businesses, governmental organisations and other organisations.

It’s crucial for Språkservice to have an IT environment that’s stable and always available, but that can also be continually developed and adapted to meet new needs and respond to new opportunities presented by the market, says CEO Marita Jönsson.

For that reason, IXX is proud to have helped Språkservice with a practical model for the continued development of the company’s IT/IS systems, and one that allows the company to extract the most possible value from its investment. Digitalisation will be a real focus for the company from now on – with all of the possibilities and challenges it entails – not least because interaction with clients via different IT/IS solutions will continue to increase.

We chose IXX because we could see that they understand the challenges we face and are easy to work with,” says Marita Jönsson. “Good communication – and genuinely wanting to help facilitate it – are literally part of Språkservice’s motto. When we found that same culture at IXX, it was a big reason for choosing them as partners.“

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