Investing in a better society

Organised sport can do a lot for Sweden’s children and young people. The sports movement does incredible work not only to bring both exercise and a sense of community to many, but also to educate the talent that will become tomorrow’s sports stars, sports leaders and fellow citizens. IXX aims to contribute to better conditions for Sweden’s young people and are committed to a broad range of initiatives, from supporting chosen sports leagues to collaborating with various high schools, colleges and institutes of vocational education.

Training that creates opportunity

IXX’s collaboration with various schools gives talented people an opportunity to enter the business community and gain experience. We offer ongoing internships, many of which have transformed into employment opportunities over the years. An important part of this collaboration for us is to give us the chance to capture leading talent that will in turn enrich what we offer our customers. This is becoming increasingly important, as it has been documented that Sweden will face a lack of IT skills in the near future.

Sponsoring and partnerships in sport

As well as engaging with many smaller sports leagues in our region, IXX are strategic partners and sponsors of Rögle BK in Ängelholm, Helsingborgs IF and FC Rosengård, the last of which is among the top women’s football teams internationally.


”IXX stood out from the crowd because they truly understood our business and tailored a solution to our needs. It was clear that they really focussed on understanding the customers’ needs, and that they have experience in helping businesses in a range of industries, including other sports organisations”.


”IXX has been really responsive to our needs and packaged an innovative and flexible solution. The IT environment and technology are constantly evolving, but the collaboration with IXX means that we are well prepared for the future as well.”.


”The IT environment and technology is something that is changing rapidly and the collaboration with IXX guarantees that our business will also be able to meet tomorrow’s needs.”.