What makes a customer consider a service provider value-added? What makes customers stay with us for a long time? Why do customers want us as their experts for IT solutions and more year after year?

We, continuously monitor and predict customers’ development over time as their trusted advisors  and proactively propose changes to their solutions in order to facilitate their business operations in the best possible way.

The customer’s situation develops every day as the market changes, competitors make their moves, politics and the world change and technological innovations create new opportunities.

An IT environment that supports business processes is one of the most important criteria for success for modern businesses. Businesses that use new technology in an innovative way have huge competitive advantages. So our role as partner is to always come up with new ideas about how our customers can work smarter.

But how does it actually work?

Well, like this… Unfortunately, over the last 10 years, survey after survey has shown that what customer management – CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CXOs – are most dissatisfied with: their IT partners’ lack of ability to truly understand their business in depth. The trick is to show how IT functionality can make a real difference to the customer, and help them translate it into competitive advantages in the market, with deep knowledge of the customer’s business as a basis for success. Only when that happens can an IT partner become something important – a business partner. A business partner goes further than just discussing  digitalisation in a general way, helping the customer understand what technology can really do in their everyday lives. IXX bears the customer’s clients in mind from the very beginning, and shows you how smart IT used can improve the relationship between you – our customer – and your customer.

Later today, I’ll have the privilege of discussing with the entire IXX staff the importance of each individual’s role in our 7/24/365 interaction between our organisation as service provider and our customers’ organisations as the recipients of our support functions. It is important that we at IXX maintain a double focus, never dropping the ball on both daily delivery and functionality, but also taking the time to create a model for how we can further develop the customer’s ways of working.

To use a sports metaphor, the customer’s team is playing a football match every day, and we have to deliver support every day. We become part of the team the customer is building, meaning that we participate in the game and play on the pitch when needed, work in the office and assist the customer’s coach or physiotherapist. It works best when we’re an integral part of the customer’s team, and every time the customer scores a goal or saves an opponents goal- their competitors – we and the customer cheer together. But we also create business opportunities and competitive advantages for the customer in their own market. If we can do that, it’s a win-win-win situation – for the customer, the customer’s client and us. We will have created or developed the IT environment together in a smart way, and the word digitalisation will really mean something for the customer and the customer’s clients..

I’ll use this metaphor in today’s IXX internal training, because are further interesting insights that I haven’t gone into in this article. Internal training is really important for a service-providing organisation, because just by having a well-trained team we can help customers win the matches that take place every single day, all year round.

If you want to know how our training session went  you can contact me on LinkedIn, call me on +46 709 51 81 15, or email me at clemens.klofverskjold@ixx.se. Exchanging experiences is a great way to create win-win-win situations.

Good luck in all your matches!

P.S.: Some of our customers play real football matches, not just metaphorical ones. One of IXX’s featured customers is FC Rosengård, one of Europe’s top eight women’s football teams. Go team!