IXX Develops for the future

Boost your growth with value-added advice and IT that drives your business forward

Your business’s situation and opportunities for development are unique. We need to understand your business in depth in order to propose digital solutions that truly drive your business and create new business opportunities.


Our in depth understanding of your business and proactive business development prepare you for the future

The world is changing at an exponential rate. What is true today may not be tomorrow. Constant business development and proactive ways of working prepare your business for whatever comes its way. IXX is a proactive partner that really engages with your business, provides valuable advice and guides you to the right digital solutions.

Our ambition is to understand your business even better than you do, from an IT perspective at least. We think long and hard about how IT can support your current processes, create new business opportunities tomorrow, and continue to meet your needs in the future.

IXX Business Development Model

IXX’s analysis and business development model is our indispensable tool for establishing a common view of the desired result and generating reliable insights for evidence-based decision-making. It allows us to lead you through the process from the first phone call, and be a driving force for strategic and operational change in your business.

What that means in practical terms is that we assemble dedicated teams that generate insights into what kind of solution is needed to execute your business’s strategy and reach its objectives. We use workshops, interviews, analysis and reporting as tools to guide your staff through the rollout with training and user support.

If we identify specific needs beyond your IT infrastructure, we provide strategic and operational services like application, business systems and business strategy development. In this way, we support the overall development of those businesses that choose to partner with us.


Evidence-based decision-making with a business-benefit focus

How can IT help you increase your business’s profitability? We believe the key to increased profitability lies in creating decision-making documents that map the organisation’s processes and future needs. This avoids you falling into the common trap of developing and rolling out an IT solution that is obsolete from the very start.

It’s all about making the right investment in IT from the very beginning. What is it that drives new business opportunities and generates revenue? What is the bottom line? Effective decision-making practices make it possible for you to make informed decisions and prioritise areas for improvement, always with a focus on business benefit. That way, you’re always one step ahead with your IT, rather than on the back foot.

Developing IT and digital solutions that support your business in the future

We carry out a thorough analysis with each of our customers to develop IT solutions that are sustainable in the long term, save time and money for our customers’ businesses, and prepare their organisations for future challenges and opportunities.

Developing sustainable IT infrastructure is not about simply closing a current gap. Businesses are constantly moving forward, so our job is to prepare your business for the reality of tomorrow – with the help of IT.

All companies are unique and we tailor solutions that allow team members to extract the most benefit and value from your applications, security systems and infrastructure, now and in the future. We help you develop an IT solution that streamlines your processes today and at the same time takes into account the needs of your business in the future.