Highly reliable services with flexible capacity

Taking responsibility for our customers’ IT functionality is one of our most important services. We have many years of experience in this field and an in-depth knowledge of it. We believe our job is to create business benefits for our customers, the role of IT being to accelerate your business’ future journey. That’s why we always start from your requirements and the IT support that is actually needed to optimise your processes. We offer you the optimum mix of services that together enable you to develop an IT operating model that is reliable and effective and that allows you to evolve.

Reliable IT for accelerated growth

When you purchase your IT as a service from IXX you purchase it as an agreed function, with delivery by us or by other cloud providers through us. The cloud is a broad concept that means many different things. We ensure that the agreed functionality is perfectly suited to your organisation’s requirements. By outsourcing your operations to IXX, you will also benefit from reliable, top-quality IT at an affordable price, with economies of scale that make it cost effective. IXX has two high-capacity server centres. And, thanks to our long-term partnership with HP, we always have 30% additional capacity, which can be brought into use immediately. This partnership therefore allows us to offer our customers unique flexibility and capacity on demand.

There are many advantages – here are just a few examples from our packages:

CAD as a Service:

  • Protect your drawings and projects against theft
  • Avoid hardware dependencies and expensive purchases
  • Minimise downtimes and risks
  • Quick launch of new CAD stations for employees and consultants
  • Greater access to relevant skills
  • Mobile access also enables homeworking.
  • Share CAD licences
  • Use resources more efficiently
  • Simple, secure and controllable

Web portal and world-class automation

All the machines you need can be created through our web portals. IT managers have access to their contracts, usage, incidents, reporting, etc. Our powerful automation engine is therefore the key to simplicity. Automation is useful in the event of configuration changes. But, most importantly, it transforms the process of on-boarding and off-boarding. Our customers can save a great deal of time and reduce their licensing costs significantly by automating the addition and removal of users. Savings of up to 70% can be made against similar systems without automation. Rule-based systems make it easy to track and monitor all conceivable changes. With the imminent entry into force of GDPR, this will soon be crucial.

IT that creates new business opportunities for IT users with exacting requirements

Our customers’ everyday lives are characterised by constant connectivity, mobility and ever faster communication with those with whom they do business. Many IT solutions are based on technology that is tried and tested but relatively slow. This makes life difficult for designers or creative employees who use a lot of images in their work, for example. With IXX’s concept, each and every user can have their own fully-fledged remote workstation. Whether it be a standard PC or a high-performance machine with advanced graphics, there will be none of the limitations of a remote desktop.

Call Center on demand:

  • Simpler remote hardware has advantages for Call Centres, for example
  • Flexible, individual switchboard solutions that require a MAC address
  • Freedom to select different VPNs, etc. for different customers and systems
  • Highly personal experience with Video and Skype for Business as support tools and for remote assistance.
  • Dynamic allocation with powerful machines that launch as required.
  • Users in third countries who can access the company’s resources easily but securely.