Work smartly and save time and money

IXX Product Supply Services offers you an affordable one-stop-shop with more than 800,000 items, including licences, software, hardware and apps. Our experts will give you good advice on what actually works, so you get the right ready-to-use products that are compatible with your own particular environment. We will be happy to devise a customised solution to meet the requirements of your business, and can help you find the right approach for the entire product flow, with a focus on cost, reliability and environment.

Our product supply services will give you

  • IXX Operating Lease – a customised solution for finance, recovery and recycling
  • Professional guidance from experts and personal product advice
  • Access to a web portal with 800,000 items
  • No shipping costs

Simple finance with IXX Operating Lease

IXX Operating Lease is a form of finance that is particularly suited to IT solutions that involve software and services. Support and other types of SLA-based services can easily be included, and the SLA is appended to the Operating Lease agreement. That means that your services and hardware products will be on one invoice rather than multiple invoices. IXX Operating Lease, in conjunction with Release Finans, keeps administration to a minimum and reduces invoice management costs for all those involved. This model makes it extremely easy to budget, allocate expenditure and compare costs, and also allows you to make changes to your services easily and flexibly.

During the contract

  • Software and hardware can be upgraded
  • Support, maintenance and services are provided in accordance with the SLA
  • Unique insurance cover included

After the contract

  • Hardware is returned for recycling or re-marketing
    • Deletion or destruction of storage disks as agreed
  • Option 1: equipment is purchased at market value, SLA is signed
  • Option 2: contract is renewed with existing SLA


  • Keeps administration and invoice management to a minimum
  • Good for cash flow/liquidity
  • Can always upgrade to more modern/more suitable hardware or service
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Extremely easy to budget and plan cash flow
  • Extremely easy to allocate costs internally/externally