IXX Smart Businesses

Create new business opportunities and more efficient processes with innovative IT solutions

To really make a difference to your business, you need more than just the right type of technology and applications with the right functions. You often to change or develop the way you work.. Become a more efficient organisation with modern ways of working, the right IT infrastructure, and seamless digital services that make your organisation as efficient as possible – in the office or remotely.


Share information smartly and cooperate more efficiently

Today, employees work less and less on their own and more and more in teams or even horizontally across departments. With the world demanding ever shorter waiting times for everything, team members must be able to collaborate more efficiently than ever. Are you and your team members always able to find the information you need in your daily work? Do you have access to your shared documents anytime and anywhere?

IXX helps you cooperate more efficiently, using for example modern cloud services and applications that increase your productivity and improve your communication. We help you create an efficient IT infrastructure that creates the conditions for smooth and secure collaboration within groups and between individuals.

Get the most out of technology

Investing in technology that doesn’t get used properly is neither economical nor efficient. The transition process is therefore absolutely crucial for new ways of working to have a positive impact. We don’t just train and guide your team through the process, we make the change a positive and fun process with a method that creates enthusiasm and positivity among team members. Yes, we daresay that we’re experts in ensuring technology and applications are rolled out successfully, and new ways of working are accepted by your organisation and really take root in your.


Identifying future ways of working

To really make a difference to your business, you need more than just the right type of technology and applications with the right functions. You often to change or develop the way you work.. And since your business is always moving forward, your IT must stand the test of time and be future-proof.

IXX helps you identify what technology and new, modern ways of working the organisation needs to boost your development and take care of your future needs and business opportunities. Your information structure is absolutely crucial to your success, because it’s what creates the conditions under which you share information.

Assess new technologies and business opportunities – and gain a competitive edge in terms of revenue and talent

Markets and technology are constantly changing. Everybody knows that. So you need to constantly assess your investments to make sure your IT supports your business both today and tomorrow. But it’s also important to know that, nowadays, being up to date on IT and technology is an important factor when it comes to attracting the best talent and retaining employees.

IXX’s committed and proactive approach means that we are constantly up to dateon technological developments as well as changes in your organisation and the outside world. Our only interest is equipping you with the best and most business-driven IT solution, so we continuously assess your situation and your employees’ conditions to deliver solutions that help you achieve your business objectives.


Three central components – IXX Building Blocks for a smart business and accelerated growth

To help your team truly work as smartly, efficiently and profitably as it can, IXX has developed a unique model. The idea is based on the knowledge that when these three components come together, they can move mountains. We call it the IT solution sweet spot.

Information structure – identifying the ways of working and structures that make collaborations between team members and departments more efficient, and the tools needed to make it possible.

Infrastructure – analysing and creating the physical infrastructure that provides the perfect environment for business processes and new, modern ways of working that support your company’s strategy, future situation and profitability.

Guidance for changing ways of working – really changing user behaviour so that every employee understands the purpose and benefits of the solution – both for the business and for individuals. We have experience of changing behaviour and making change a fun and exciting process for everyone involved. We provide training, hold workshops and develop guidelines. And sometimes it’s about producing creative campaigns that drive change – and identifying and engaging change leaders.